Clare Amor – owner

My friends know me as ‘Catwoman’ due to the fact that I can usually be found on the school run in my wellies, covered in cat hair. This sums up my devotion to all things feline – cats have always been in my life, so when I married into a family with a cattery business it felt like serendipity. My husband Simon and I took over the family business in 2015 and moved to live on site with our three children. Simon travels the world in his role as coach of the England Rugby Sevens so I run the business supported by our two crazy, adorable Burmese cats Cookie and Biscuit, and our beautifully patient old boy Vinnie. As a cat owner myself I understand that your cat is more than just a pet – it’s a member of the family. My aim is to give you confidence that while you jet off to relax, have fun and be pampered, your cats are also having a wonderful time with us.






Katie Finlay – manager

thumbnail_img_6663I’ve worked at Claremont Cattery for six years so you can tell that I love my job. I’m responsible for overseeing the operational side of the cattery – checking in new ‘guests’, ensuring that they are fed, watered, clean and happy. And receiving plenty of cuddles. My Diploma in Feline Care and Welfare means I have a deep understanding of what cats need from the practical to the playful. Clare will tell you that I also have a  photographic memory for all things feline – she likes testing me on which cats we have in, what they eat, their medical history and idiosyncrasies. And just in case I need to underline my commitment further, we took in a rescue cat called Yogi – I fell in love, adopted him and we are living happily ever after.