Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people choose Claremont Cattery?

Our clients are the best people to ask (have a mooch through our reviews) but what we can say is that almost all the cats that board with us come back for another stay. We have a very high rate of repeat business and many vets recommend us to their clients. Of course we’re too modest to boast about what sets us apart but we’d like to think that our convenient location close to central London, the peaceful setting of the cattery, state of the art chalets and our friendly, personal approach have something to do with it.

What does an average day at Claremont Cattery look like?

At around 8am we serve our guests breakfast, clean the chalets, conduct a health check and administer any medication. We then spent the rest of our time getting to know our guests better through play and cuddles. After we’ve welcomed and settled in any new cats the afternoon shift kicks off with grooming, cleaning litter trays and dinner. Then the cats are tucked up for the night. As we live on the site of the cattery we always do a late night check to ensure that the kitties are happy and fast asleep.

How do you stop the cats from getting bored?

We periodically play with, stroke and cuddle those cats that want it and at the weekend the Entertainment Crew arrives to give the cats some fun. We have toys, puzzle feeders and scratch posts. The bird feeders hanging on the trees outside serve as cat TV. There is rarely a dull day at Claremont.

I’m worried about my cat settling? How will I know if he/she is ok?

We completely understand that it’s an anxious time for you and your cat and we’re very used to dealing with separation anxiety from both parties. Most cats settle in very quickly but we are good at dealing with those that need extra reassurance. Cats that crave attention will get plenty of it, others prefer to be left to their own devices and we respect that – we provide boxes for them to hide in and will keep disturbances to a minimum. We do have Pet Remedy diffusers fitted in some chalets to calm cats that suffer from stress. As for you, we will proactively keep you updated on the progress of your pet so that you can relax and enjoy your time away.